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Latest News

Reminder to complete Anticipated Enrolment Survey

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Many thanks to all the parents who have completed the Anticipated Enrolment 2021 Survey. Can I please remind you the cut off for completing this survey is 12:pm tomorrow Wednesday 5 August. 

The Department of Education requires this imformation by tomorrow. 

Kind regards,


Good Afternoon,

Just a quick reminder the Kindergarten Speech Testing will take place on Wednesday and Thursday of Weeks 3 and 4.  These tests will be conducted by Lindfield Speech Pathology within school hours.


Annerie Feldman

Anticipated enrolments for 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Anticipated enrolments for 2021 are due to the Department of Education next week.

Please complete the survey  indicating your enrolment status for next year ASAP and before next Wednesday.

This is for everybody whether you are returning, leaving or unsure.

Click on the link below: 

Many Thanks

July 31 Newsletter

Click here to view the July 31 Schoolzine eNewsletter!

PSSA Cancelled Tomorrow 31 July

Dear Parents and Carers, 

PSSA training and round 1 have been cancelled for tomorrow 31 July due to Council ground closures. 


Reminder Parent/Teacher Interview Close Tomorrow

Dear Parents and Carers,

Just a reminder if you have not yet booked a parent/teacher interview with your child/ren's teacher please check availability, this will close tomorrow at 12:30pm.

Kind regards,


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know, today we had our school class and individual photos.  If you haven't already ordered your photos you can still do so for the next 15 days without incurring a late fee.  Please click on the link below and use the online order code.

Parent Teacher Interviews Next week

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Please pre-book your Semester 1 Parent/Teacher interviews.  These will be conducted via telephone and will be 10 minutes in duration.

If you require longer than 10 minutes, please call the office to arrange a separate time. 

Also make sure your preferred contact number is added to this booking, this will ensure the interviews run smoothly and  in a timely manner. Interviews will close 12:30pm on Friday 31 July.

Parent Booking Guide

Please click on link below to book your interview

Many Thanks,

Covid update

Dear Parents and Carers,


I wish to inform you of the latest information regarding COVID infection control which has been established for your information by NSW Health:

  • NSW Health have established a website to inform the community of actions they should take if they have been in a location where there has been confirmed cases of COVID-19 within NSW. Staff and students must comply with public health advice which includes the requirement to self-isolate for the required period if they have been at any of the locations published on this website on the specified dates and times. Staff will be supported to work remotely where possible and students will be supported to learn from home while they are self-isolating. Schools remain vigilant in applying infection control procedures, remaining 1.5m from other adults at all times and promoting personal hygiene including regular hand washing and use of sanitiser. 


Kind Regards,

Bronwyn Wilson


Reminder Kiss and Drop

Dear Parents and Carers,


With all this wet weather more parents are dropping off their child/ren to school at Kiss & Drop (Apollo Ave) this is our only designated kiss and drop off zone.

Please take the time to read the Code of Conduct for Kiss & Drop and discuss with your children:

The importance of leaving a vehicle through the safety door (the footpath side)

Having your school bag and other items in a safe position, such as by your feet and not in the boot

Most importantly never walking behind a stopped vehicle.


Kiss & Drop Code of Conduct
Please use common sense and adhere to all road rules

  • Always drop-off or pick-up your child from the designated zones and follow the school’s procedures
  • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles at all times in the Kiss and Drop zone to reduce congestion in an already tight street
  • Drivers may stop to drop-off or pick-up children for a maximum of 2 minutes
  • To assist with quick entry and exit, if your child/children are not waiting for you at the school gate when turning around in Apollo Avenue, please keep driving and re-join the queue
  • Make sure the handbrake is applied when the vehicle is stationary
  • Make sure children use the safety door (the footpath side door) to get in and out of the car
  • Always park legally
  • Avoid unnecessary dangerous manoeuvres such as U-turns and three-point turns



  • Always get in and out of the vehicle through the safety door (the footpath side door)
  • Stay buckled up until the vehicle has stopped in the drop-off and pick-up area
  • Make sure your school bag and other items are in a safe position, such as on the floor
  • Be ready to get out of the vehicle with your belongings when the car has stopped and you have unbuckled your seat belt


The office has had a few concerned parents contact the school with regards to social distancing at the Kiss and Drop area in Apollo Avenue.

It would be preferred if walking parents could use either Tristania or Diana Avenues, leaving Apollo Avenue for vehicular traffic.

Whilst we appreciate with only three gates at the school at these busy times it may seem to be crowded.

So can I remind all adults to maintain a physical distance from each other (1.5m) distance.  We thank all parents at drop off and pick ups for exercising these practices and encourage a quick departure to avoid any crowding. 


We appreciate your assistance in keeping our children safe during busy school drop-off and pick-up times.


Many Thanks