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Mission Statement

Outstanding Achievements, Continuing Success

At West Pymble Public School we are committed to ensuring the teaching and learning environment enables the development of global citizens who have the capacity to make meaningful contributions to the world in which they live in and are healthy, happy, successful and productive individuals.

Wellbeing can be shaped by a number of broad influences including the degree to which there is an experience of: choice, achievement of meaningful goals, positive relationships, enjoyment, personal growth and development, health and safety (The Wellbeing Framework for Schools, NSW). The WPPS Student Wellbeing Procedures are structured according to the NSW Department of Education (DoE) Wellbeing for Schools Framework, enabling all students to connect, succeed and thrive.

The Learning Support Team is an integral component of the school’s wellbeing procedures, working collaboratively with teachers and parents to identify and support students who require additional support in any of these areas.

‘Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe’ is the message that is embedded into everything we do. It provides the foundation in discussing with students how to develop positive behaviours for learning.

At West Pymble Public School we want our students to:

  • have a positive sense of their own identity (strengths, mindset, purpose)
  • have positive and respectful relationships and experience a sense of belonging to their school and community
  • be respected, valued, encouraged, supported and empowered to succeed
  • be emotionally resilient
  • grow and flourish, do well and prosper
  • be responsive to high expectations for behaviour and learning
  • be actively connected to their learning
  • be provided with equity of access to learning support.
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